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Ben-Gil Elementary School

Location: Gillespie, IL

​Size: 93,500 SF​


Project Info:

Approximately 550 students in grades Pre-K through 5 attend Benld Elementary School. The new Benld Elementary School replaced the previous structure which was been condemned due to under-mining. CUSD #7 is a rural area located in Macoupin County, Illinois, an area known for coal mining. The district includes the small towns of Gillespie and Benld as well as the villages of East Gillespie, Mount Clare, Wilsonville, Sawyerville, Dorchester, Eagarville, and Hornsby. The total population of the district is about 8,000. The new 93,500 SF facility is has a 37% energy savings- achieved through a quality insulated building envelope, high efficiency windows, and high performance HVAC systems. A Geothermal system lowers energy costs and a photovolteic renewable energy systems was considered. High efficiency water fixtures result in a 35% savings over a conventional school. Low-emitting materials improve air quality in the school. Regionally procured construction materials with recycled content were specified to meet sustianbility goals. H+B served as the LEED consultant on the project.

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