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Berea College Dana Hall Dorm Renovations & Additions

Location: Berea, KY​

​Size: 36,497 SF​

Green Features:

New, More Efficient Building Envelope

Increased Daylighting

Green Materials

FSC Certified Wood Products

On-Site Energy Monitoring System

Vegetated Green Roof

LEED Gold Certification

Project Info:

The renovation and expansion of Dana Hall brings the dated dormitory up to date with the style of the surrounding buildings on campus. The renovation included upgrading the building envelope (removing brick and adding insulation, new brick, & new windows), adding new toilet/janitor core, adding new laundry/IT core, creating a new RA apartment, expanding the student lounge, renovating existing bedrooms and remodeling the recreation room. The 36,497 sf, $7.2 million dollar project was awarded LEED Gold certification. A new building envelope helps the project meet the minimum energy performance specified in LEED; the project also features FSC-certified wood products (interior finish wood) supplied by Berea’s own FSC certified forest, 100% post consumer recycled brick, and an on-site energy monitoring system.

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