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Chaddock Sustainable Campus Master Plan

Location: Quincy, IL

​Size: 30 acres


LEED Path:      

 Application Guide for       Multiple and On-Campus 


Project Info:

H+B designed the strategic, sustainability master plan for the 30-acre Chaddock campus. The campus consists of fifteen-buildings and 120,000 sf educational and residential treatment facilities for special needs children. LEED silver criteria were used as a guideline for design.  The proposed site solution includes wetlands, woodlands, naturalized prairie lands and non-irrigated native plant species throughout the entire campus.  Realization of the “invested” value of several existing aged buildings, initially slated for demolition, led to their reuse. Pervious hardscaping (parking lots and patios) and rain gardens will filter stormwater and replenish the water table. Open space will be preserved as part of the campus masterplan. In addition to the environmental aspects of sustainability master planning are health and wellness benefits.

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