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Cincinnati Zoo Africa IV Exhibit

Location: Cincinnati, OH

​Size: 2,370 SF​


Budget: $1.5 Million

Green Features:
Eliminated Red List materials

Biophilia to mimic native African flora and habitat 

Living Building Challenge Petal

People We Worked With:

Dean Violetta

Project Info:

H+B was the sustainable design consultant for Painted Dog Valley the fourth phase of the overall Africa Exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. The project received Living Building Petal Recognition in May 2017 and the zoo is completing documentation for full “Living” certification. The Painted Dog Valley project is composed of a new open-air African Wild Dog Exhibit and new open-air Meerkat Exhibit (both with associated Holding Buildings) and public viewing areas. The exhibit is designed to provide the most realistic habitat for each of the species. Using typography, simulated rock work, naturalistic water elements, flora to simulate plants in Africa and disguising the surrounding urban environment, an immersion exhibit has been created that truly replicates the natural environment of each species and creates a bond or connection between man and animal that is rarely duplicated in any other urban setting. This is the only zoo in the world and first project in Ohio to obtain Living Building Challenge Certification.

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