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Citimortgage Progress Point

Location: O'Fallon, MO

​Size: 500,000 SF​

Green Features:

Increased Energy Efficiency

Policy Adoption for:

  Green Site Management

  Green Exterior Building Management

Plan Adoption For:

  Green Cleaning

  Green Building Construction

LEED Certified

Project Info:

Citigroup’s 500,000 SF facility at Progress Point was the first LEED™ EB (existing building) in the St. Louis region and a prime example of the potential LEED™ transformation of existing buildings, which could have a much larger impact than LEED™ for New Construction. One of the main focus areas was increased energy efficiency of the building, which was analyzed during the commissioning phase and after which the controls were adjusted according to findings. Other initiatives included green site and building exterior management practices and the implementation of a green cleaning policy. Citimortgage also evaluated the use of up to 15 - 30% green power by utilizing the programs set up by Renewable Choice Energy.

Green features include low-flow plumbing fixtures that reduce water use; motion sensors and timed light fixtures to reduce energy usage; ENERGY-STAR-rated office equipment and computers; reserved parking for employees who carpool; cleaning methods that meet environmental standards; ventilation rates that exceed the standard requirement; and recycling of more than half the total waste stream and site trash, resulting in several hundred tons of recycled material per year. The site also partnered with suppliers to buy products that reduce or eliminate waste and greenhouse gas emissions.​


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