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City of Cool Valley Sustainable Master Plan:

Vision for a Green Future

Location: Cool Valley, MO

Project Info:

H+B worked with the city of Cool Valley to create a master plan intended to create a walkable and liveable community, set the stage for economic development, beautify streets, increase bike access, manage traffic and mitigate flood problems. The city is located in a flood-zone, with frequent and often damaging flooding being a primary concern of citizens and businesses alike. Therefore much of the design hinged on working with the existing Ball Creek to enhance its capacity to detain water while morphing into a community asset. The project is a collaboration between citizens, businesses, institutions, St. Louis County and the city itself. The design process included developing a Blueprint for the Community, identifying critical funding and additional grants, energizing the community for the plan, and doing the front-end research of form-based code. Phase 1 developed a Master Plan, Phase 2 developed a new sustainable form-based code for the city, and Phase 3 directed infrastructure projects.

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