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Mater Dei High School

Location: Breese, IL

​Size: 30,000 SF​

Green Features:

Ground Source Heat Pump

Photovoltaic Panels

Completed: December 2004

People We Worked With:

Tom Hyde


Website: Mater Dei High School


Facebook: Mater Dei High School


Project Info:

H+B provided sustainable design consulting for the gymnasium, band room, exercise room addition and new student commons/meeting space and offices. Interior materials were selected to contain recycled content, to be durable and to protect indoor air quality. Computer assisted daylighting analysis was utilized to incorporate the specific requirements for each space. By utilizing daylighting, we are able to reduce the need for electric lighting and the equipment needed for cooling. This reduced energy costs and improved thermal comfort. Also used was a ground source heat pump for heating and cooling. In addition we studied the use of solar preheating of the source water and solar photovoltaic panels above south glazing to provide electricity and to shade the windows. 

Building Biography
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