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Principia School Nature Base:

Experiential Education Campus Master Plan

Location: Town & Country,

                 St. Louis, MO

​Size: 360 acre campus

Green Features:

Ecological Restoration

Habitat Management

Water Resources Management

Energy Production

Urban Agriculture


Project Info:

H+B is preparing an experiential education site master plan for Principia School’s 300 acre campus that serves pre-K through high school students in suburban St. Louis. The Master Plan will provide a framework to guide more active use of both developed and undeveloped portions of the property to increase student’s interaction with nature and sustainability concepts. H+B is working with faculty, students and parents to make ties with existing curriculum and curriculum being developed to take advantage of current site features and planned site improvements. A sustainability center will be located near the interface of various ecosystems; woodlands, prairies and aquatic to serve as a hub for experiential education. Other features include a "tree house", vegetable and wildflower gardens, bee hives, replacing non-native landscaping with native landscapes (including new non-mow landscapes), natural stormwater solutions and converting two previous sewage treatment lagoons into an aquaculture pond and a wetlands as an on campus educational resource not available otherwise at this scale in the St. Louis region.

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