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Magnolia Tiny House

Location: St. Louis, MO

Green Features:
Small Carbon Footprint

Cross Ventilation

Natural Daylighting

People We Worked With:

Gloria Hidalgo

Project Info:

Intended for a single woman nearing retirement- the Magnolia Tiny Home is designed to be: low-cost and easy to maintain, have a small environmental footprint, and provide private space within a walkable urban community. Another objective is for the house to contextually complement the surrounding residences while introducing a refreshed concept of ‘living small’. The client is exploring the potential to partner with the local IKEA and feature their kitchen cabinets, closet organization products and appliances and offer tours of an ‘IKEA unit-equipped’ Tiny House which could build interest in tiny living for millennials, empty-nesters and retirees. The design boasts simple construction and a narrow floor plan, which enhances many of the sustainable design features such as cross-ventilation and natural daylighting. 

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