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Wellston Child Care Center

Location: Wellston, MO

​Size: 14,650 SF​

Green Features:

Natural Landscaping

Integrated Bioswales


Energy Efficiency

Green Materials

Water Efficiency

Transit Integration

LEED Certified

Project Info:

The Child Development Center is the key component of the Wellston Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative Masterplan. Located adjacent to a Metrolink Light Rail System (with which it will share parking) as well as being in close proximity to the Metropolitan Enterprise Center (a new job training center) will allow the Development Center to attain the goal of providing early childhood education in a depressed neighborhood. The building is oriented primarily on an E-W axis, taking advantage of the best orientation for energy efficiency and daylighting. The building footprint had been placed on the site to minimize driveway length and best use the adjacent public parking. Stormwater from the site will be handled by a series of micro-detention areas integrated with native landscaping.

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