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Rick Verdun

H+B Projects I've Worked On:

Principia College - Voney Art Center

Principia College - Dormitory Renovations

Rick Verdun served as superintendent on the Voney Art Center renovation project.  His primary role was overseeing the daily coordination of Helmkamp tradesmen, material suppliers & subcontractor tradesmen to best achieve the owner’s desired finished product.  Rick’s responsibilities also included obtaining the necessary tools & equipment required to complete the work- in addition to attending collaborative design and progress meetings with the Architect, Engineers and Owner to better understand the overall vision for the project. Rick facilitated communication among the tradesmen in the field and also served as Helmkamp’s primary on-site contact, which came in handy for the owner as they came by the site often (outside of regularly scheduled meetings) with design changes which Rick then implemented.   

Rick was very active during the building investigation and exploratory demolition process and assisted the design team and owner throughout the design process.  Rick also participated in design meetings to offer seasoned advice on the actual construction of the design. Rick’s judgement was relied upon by the design team & owner as it related to the feasibility of proposed solutions to various unforeseen conditions whenever they were encountered.   

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